Our Team

A talented group of professionals for your project needs

Our Consulting Team

Our team is comprised of talented professionals both in Liberia and around the world. The combined experience of the RoviaGate team can support projects of varying sizes and complexities.

John Bernard – CCO

Prior to joining our team, John Bernard worked in The Higher Education Management and Software Industries for over 10 years. As an Executive Business Development leader, he has built partnerships with global reach. Leading Collaborations in Australia, Italy, The Caribbean, Africa and North America. He is a passionate, people first leader, with a strong track record of managing cross-functional teams to achieve aggressive goals. John is a volunteer youth mentor, who loves helping young people achieve their goals; no matter how small or big.

Oliver W. Klark, Jr – CEO

"Dedicated to the success of each and every project that RoviaGate embarks on. With proven skills in the area of IT Management, Oliver continues to guide the RoviaGate Technology Team to successful completion of many projects."
  • RoviaGate Technology
    3rd Floor Lara Building Ste 33 | Randall Street 1000 Monrovia 10, Liberia
    Tel: +231 886 412 222 (Main) | Tel: +231 886 519 833 (Technical) | Tel: +231 886 556 939 (Sale & Marketing)
    Email: info@roviagatetechnology.com

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