Our History

RoviaGate Technology is a premier regional West African Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) firm headquartered in Liberia delivering data-driven integrated solutions. With our experience and strategic positioning, RoviaGate is poised to take advantage of the exponential market opportunities in sub-Saharan Africa in the data and analytics space.
Our goal is to build capacity in several industry verticals; particularly government, financial services, security, agriculture, and healthcare sectors. This will lead to a data-driven culture in the region by establishing a single source of truth (SSOT) that will enhance productivity and help business leaders to make more informed decisions with regard to resource allocation and deployment. Roviagate’s market position offers a unique perspective for sustainable collaborations and partnerships with global firms exploring growth opportunities, especially on the African continent.

The major business problem RoviaGate is solving in the region is data collection, warehousing, mining, and governance. At RoviaGate Technology, we have been able to tackle that problem by providing SMART (Scalable – Marketable – Actionable – Resourceful – Technological) solutions through our applications and devices. For example, we have worked extensively with the governments, businesses, and the public in general, providing data-driven solutions in the areas of revenue generation, security, agriculture, education, and healthcare.

RoviaGate provides the planning, designing, implementation, and maintenance of your ICT infrastructure; our technology experts maintain a deep knowledge of available and emerging technologies, which results in the ability to offer our clients the best solutions. RGT strives to achieve superior quality in everything we do. That quality is exemplified in every instance of client interaction, and in each member of our team. Our client relationships are built on partnerships, where we work to reduce the total cost of ownership on technology and to achieve their technology goals. We accomplish this by leveraging industry-accepted and proven technologies to further improve efficiency and promote productivity. Our success is measured by the consistency of stable, secure, and valuable technology systems that contribute to the achievements of our clients.

Our Mission

We strive to make Information Technology expertise readily available in West Africa, through our professional services. In doing so, we take the burden of IT administration off the shoulders of our clients, giving them the ability to focus on their core business aspects.

Our Vision

We are working to become the future technology company of choice and a driving force towards the best technology development in Africa. We envision ourselves as, becoming the number one in West Africa’s Technology industry; known for providing cost-effective, innovative, and high-quality Technology products and services to customers with special emphasis on the pillar of our customer-centric value.